Jeff Greinke – Weather from another Planet

Jeff Greinke - Weather from another Planet

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Jeff Greinke – Weather from another Planet
CD, First World Music, 2003

“Weather from another Planet” is the second cd release by Jeff Greinke, but this one is quite different in both nature and sound compared to his Hypnos-recording “Wide View”.

First of all, the album offers a daring and adventurous mixture of rather sophisticated beats and samples which are accompanied by cascading sounds. As the music further proceeds, the more its seems to run into a sort-of cross-cultural journey where soft lingering melodies take-off within a vast array of textures and atmospheres.

There are some elements scattered over the album, such as the xylophone-sounds, reminding a little of the former work of Robert Rich, but overall this work reflects the unique sound & approach of Greinke, whose production of the cd is flawless.

This album is for those who like sidesteps in electronic music with a small dash of experiment.


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