Jeff Greinke – Wide View

Jeff Greinke - Wide View

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Jeff Greinke – Wide View
CD, Hypnos Recordings, 2002

Ambient-landscape music is made in various forms, and on this new recording of Jeff Greinke (known from both his solo and collaborative efforts for many years) we find a nice blend of both the physical as mental component of the subject.

“Wide View” consists of nine tracks, all together 48 very enjoyable minutes very suitable for mapping and recollecting landscapes in our mind.

While listening to this record, I was struck by the strong sense of melancholy and reflection within the delicate miniatures presented here.
They slowly shift in the same manner as heard her and there in the music of Tim Story or Brian Eno with lots of space between the key-notes.

This music won’t make you feel at ease in the normal way, there are a few undercurrents of something foreboding I can’t really depict, although its not disturbing either.

Nevertheless, this introspective-kindred recording will do nicely in evening hours and will surely appeal to lots of ambient music fans out there.
Keep an eye on this one!


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