Jeff Pearce – From the Darker Seasons

Jeff Pearce - From the Darker Seasons

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Jeff Pearce –From the Darker Seasons
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2017

Slow, deeper ambient worlds, ethereal synth beds and guitar-based atmospheric spacemusic with a highly emotive thread have graced the works of Jeff Pearce until now.

“From the Darker Seasons”, celebrating the hidden beauty in the slow fading of autumn and in the blanketed landscapes of winter, features 54 minutes of quiet, introspective meditations playing in the same league. It shifts between smaller melodic pieces to two more expansive textural excursions (the 10-minute “Downdrift” and the stellar 17-minute drift “A Long Winter’s Sleep”) lingering on gently and smooth as they spread a hypnotizing feel and warm glow.

The sedate, soft sparkling “Cold Comfort” makes a beautiful outro of the intimate recording I rate an excellent aural companion to contemplate a bit during darker times of the year.

P.S. In December 2017 the composer released the original (20-minute) long-form version of “Downdrift” as “Downdrift II” as a download only.


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