Jeff Pearce – In the Season of Fading Light

Jeff Pearce - In the Season of Fading Light

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Jeff Pearce – In the Season of Fading Light
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2012

“In the Season of Fading Light” by Indiana-based composer Jeff Pearce is a collection of singles (of which part of the proceeds is donated to charity) plus one new track. Four of the singles, however, were re-recorded for the sake of making them fit better sonically with the other pieces.

This time around we hear Jeff primary on piano along some fine (guitar) ambient and ethereal synth accompaniment on some spots. Still, the sparse sounding outcome is consciously played, delicate and most refined sounding ambient evolving slowly and in a quiet manner, perfectly matching the mood and times of the autumn season.

The introspective feel running profoundly through the 52-minute emotive recording is fulfilling, comforting but also occasional mysterious. Of the 13 tracks, “After the Frost” and “Winter Waltz” stand out for me. If you need something to relax and contemplate, the intimate sonic sketches of “In the Season of Fading Light” will fit that bill easily. Personally, I prefer his tender electronic works though.



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