Jeff Pearce – Tenderness and Fatality

Jeff Pearce - Tenderness and Fatality

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Jeff Pearce – Tenderness and Fatality
CD, Windchime Music, 1993

“Tenderness and Fatality” is the self-released debut album of Indiana-based composer Jeff Pearce, who later on would get known for his highly atmospheric ambient music.

While using no keyboards or guitar synthesizers, Mr Pearce has composed 11 lush tracks made up of slow moving ambient guitar textures. Listening to this release is a quiet repose, on which the sonic minatures smoothly evolve and follow-up on each other as structured songs.
Nevertheless, one can already hear a few hints of the direction the music would take on his following albums: using a Electro-Harmonix delay box, Jeff was already busy to carefully process his guitar sounds into long infinite repeat delay lines.

All in all, “Tenderness and Fatality” marked the start of a journey into textural guitar ambient music.


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