Jeff Pearce – The Hidden Rift

Jeff Pearce - The Hidden Rift

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Jeff Pearce –The Hidden Rift
CD, Ancient Sun Music, 1996

When you talk about quiet, atmospheric ambient music, the name of Indiana-based space-guitarist Jeff Pearce most certainly should be mentioned. Having previously collaborated with the Vidna Obmana on “Crossing the Trail”, Jeff hereby presents his second solo-album “The Hidden Rift”.

Using only e-guitars and specialized processing techniques, Mr Pearce has created his own aural world of gently drifting, emotionally touching and soothing textures next to a few blissful guitar tracks.

Next to seven shorter “songs”, the almost 20-minute title track found at the tail of the album sure is a pinnacle. This lush deep-space experience is made up of soft, overall minimal soundscapes creating a timeless, imaginative drifting ambience.

Those fond of the immersive, reflective character of Steve Roach’s “Structures from Silence” and “Quiet Music” will find the hauntingly beautiful and expertly rendered loops of “The Hidden Rift” most rewarding and perfect to chill the mind.
Highly recommended!


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