Jeffrey Koepper – Arctisonia

Jeffrey Koepper - Arctisonia


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Jeffrey Koepper – Arctisonia
CD, Air Space Records, 2011

Mr Koepper describes the outcome of his sixth privately released album “Arctisonia” as “loaded with analog synthesizer music- textural-sequencer driven-atmospheric”, which according to the album sleeve is inspired by The Arctic.

The sounds on the album are diverse, warm and very rich, and the seven lengthy tracks are cinematic and well composed. There’s a nice balance between sequenced parts, atmospheric passages and melodic lines, while the layering and combination of real vintage sounds is well done.

Koepper’s honest and well-crafted music is all about emotions and travelling through realms of time and space while displaying a whole range of colours and shapes.

This all makes the well-produced, open and transparent sounding “Arctisonia” another fine recommendation for all die-hearts of the real analogue sound.


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