Jeffrey Koepper – Etherea

Jeffrey Koepper - Etherea

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Jeffrey Koepper – Etherea
CD, Air Space Records, 2006

Jeffrey Koepper has been making electronic music since 1985 and has played in two groups, Pure Gamma and Immortal respectively, before starting this solo-effort.
During these years he has collected a proper and varied collection of analogue devices and fine synths to finally create this stunning debut.

“Etherea” offers in depth positive as reflective soundscape textures in which a lot of emotion is involved. Warm, soft pulsating and cyclic elements are featured throughout the whole recording, in which slowly evolving patterns are obvious.

Introspective sound washes keep rolling on and on such as featured in the morphing second track “Distant Light” which makes you wander off to some milestone ambient albums of e.g.
Thom Brennan or Steve Roach (“Structures from Silence”, “Quiet Music”).

Jeffrey really knows how to treat his sophisticated equipment as he leads the way for over 70 minutes into a vast landscape of serene and meditative textures. This delicately composed music easily carries you away into some distant (dream)lands, a perfect drift-off making you feel at ease within minutes.

The album was superbly enhanced and spatialized by ambient guru Steve Roach, which makes the recording sparkle all the way through.
All in all, this heartfelt composed cd is an absolute must-have for every
self-respected ambient fan.


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