Jeffrey Koepper – Konnektions

Jeffrey Koepper - Konnektions


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Jeffrey Koepper – Konnektions
CD, Air Space Records, 2015

After a hiatus of a couple of years, accomplished synthesist Jeffery Koepper returns with “Konnektions”. It’s an inspired release maintaining his connection to the pure emotional impact of pure analog sound firmly while putting Steve Roach at the helm regarding final assembly, enhancements and mastering to meet ends there as well properly.

Mr Koepper recalls he really “konnekted” with the spirit of emotion and music (hence the title) during the creative process. Still only applying his beloved collection of vintage analog synths, drum machines and analog sequencers the album’s music is fine example of true musicianship while pulling the very heart and soul out of the vintage gear.

It resulted in eight warm, emotive and captivating textural landscapes alongside sequencer-based sections evolving naturally and what the artist refers to as an organic flowing feel, blooming into moods that reveal somber peacefulness as well as epic hopefulness. An atmospheric, harmonic and spacious perfume is spread by each composition, sometimes leaning to the pleasant minimalist/hypnotic. The combo “Oracle”, “Pantheon” is a proper example of the latter. Sequencer aficionados though get their full treat on the exciting, more dynamic-spiced “Astral Mechanika”, “Mercury Circuit” and album closer “Belief”, all fascinating cosmic journeys where a lot of mesmerizing things are happening.

Vintage electronic music without solos always has had a special charm for me, delivering a different but still most pleasing sense of fulfillment. The expertly composed and profoundly interconnected music making up the 71-minute “Konnektions” proves that for 100%. This cracking recording simply deserves both thumbs up!


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