Jeffrey Koepper – Luminosity

Jeffrey Koepper - Luminosity

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Jeffrey Koepper – Luminosity
CD, Air Space Records, 2009

On the threshold of the new year, I received the fourth album of “AnalogueJeff” Koepper which is due for mid-January 2009.

With “Luminosity”, Jeffrey Koepper wanted to explore ambient emotional places. To achieve this, he made each track a unique atmospheric landscape on which he wanted the electronic textures to engulf the listener’s mind and take them to another place and time.

In this process, Jeffrey used a combination of sequencer rhythms, ambient textures and different moods to create these emotional sonic worlds. These worlds itself were comprised of many analogue elements that combined and formed into lush structures.
As such, the goal was to create a very organic, flowing feel on this sonic journey, getting access to different moods, ranging from sombre peacefulness to ecstatic and hopeful.

The nine tracks on the album (again excellently mastered by Steve Roach) continue to breath the honest, warm and immersive atmosphere of analogue gear as we know it from his former releases. But this time I have the impression Jeffrey has given his music more time and space to evolve, which is nicely shown by the opening piece “Reflection” and the slow morphing soundscapes of “Light and Truth”.

The slow pace of things is also found in “Winter Space” and “Life Clock”, both soft glowing and flowing tracks with immersive, melancholic undercurrents.
More sequenced, rhythmic outings are found in the second part of the album with the tracks “Emitter” and “Transmission” (of which the latter especially feels like a smoothly evolving voyage) before things slow down again with the free form textural “Dusk Till Dawn”, which is the only piece which sounds a bit light-weight compared to the others.
Fortunately, the happy sequencings of “Rising Sun” return to the aforementioned quality.


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