Jeffrey Koepper – MantraSequent

Jeffrey Koepper - MantraSequent

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Jeffrey Koepper –MantraSequent
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2017

As the title already suggest, “MantraSequent” is a series of Mantra-like meditative compositions that flow into each other creating a long sonic sculpture that lives and breathes.

This time around, AnalogueJeff found core inspiration in rhythmic chants and analog sequences as well as spiritual places and their special atmospheres. The clockwork of the revolving earth creates many rhythms that we humans are either aware or unaware of in our daily existence. It’s these poly-rhythmic sequential melodies that always kept inspiring during the creative process of shaping and optimizing the final outcome.

Well, the music features a continuous, lovely pulsating, minimal-flavored and shapeshifting flow of sounds with various hypnotizing hooks and dynamic levels to keep the listeners interest along an always present emotive current. Simply check out “Mandala” or the ethereal swirls of “Aurora” and “Spectre” to get a proper feel of the album’s impact and intrinsic magical vibes. Rest me to say I concur fully on the label’s line “MantraSequent” keeps analog music alive in the 21st century.


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