Jeffrey Koepper – Momentium

Jeffrey Koepper - Momentium

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Jeffrey Koepper – Momentium
CD, Air Space Records, 2006

“Momentium” is the second release of Jeffrey Koepper, who’s beautiful release “Etherea” was quite a success a couple of years ago.
Koepper’s musical adagio was and still is “to create the music of tomorrow with the technology of yesterday”, thereby referring to the bunch of vintage analogue instruments he applies for his music.

As on the debut-cd, the sounds on “Momentium” are lush, warm and organic, creating emotional evolving sound worlds which reach out to the listener in every track.
“Byzantine Machine” e.g is a great opener with lush vintage textures and sequencing, nicely continuing where “Etherea” left us.

Absolute highlights are found in the middle of the album by ways of “Sense of Time” (featuring tantalizing sequencing & fx’s)and the next track “Eternal Sea”. Both clearly demonstrate Jeffrey is pulling the best out of his gear.

The icing on the cake of this recording comes from no other than Steve Roach, who was in charge of the final mastering and enhancements. Listening to these 67 minutes of analogue heaven is nothing but pure delight!


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