Jeffrey Koepper – Quadranteon

Jeffrey Koepper - Quadranteon

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Jeffrey Koepper –Quadranteon
CD, Air Space Records, 2009

“Quandranteon”, by analogue synth-wizzard Jeffrey Koepper, contains four extended parts in which he succeeds in stretching the boundaries of his vintage gearand their lovely, warm sounds a bit further.

Not only does “AnalogueJeff” create the nicest range of sounds from his instruments, he also knows how to implement each of them into evocative compositions.
Slowly rising out of retro effects and synth noise, the music smoothly evolves in each of the four “Parts” with attractive sequencing, immersive synth pads and solo voices.
All the way the strong organic sound spectrum remains transparent, due to Jeff’s carefully and keen layering of textures.

“Quandranteon” is some tasty vintage stuff which one shouldn’t miss out on.


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