Jeffrey Koepper – Sequentaria

Jeffrey Koepper - Sequentaria

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Jeffrey Koepper – Sequentaria
CD, Air Space Records, 2008

As the title suggests, the listener undergoes a sequencer-ride through vintage electronic music, for which skilled hands combined a whole bunch analogue gear with some modern instruments of today.

While recording the music of his third album “Sequentaria” (of which Steve Roach again did the final mastering), Jeffrey remembered he really became one with the compositions on an organic-emotional level, as a lot of feeling and emotion flowed through him into the music, bringing his essence to the forefront and thus tying it all together.

This time, Koepper focussed on a more organic approach, by playing, performing and improvising a lot of the parts in real time along with the analogue sequences.
The result gave lots of the melodic improvisations, as more old analogue machines were used that had neither midi or cv/gate interfacing, so they had to be performed in real time.
In addition, some vintage drum boxes were applied that had no sync capability, which gave a free flowing organic feel when playing along with their clocks in real time.

Well, the outcome are nine beautiful tracks, ranging between six and ten minutes, offering a nice range of beautiful atmospheric sound pads, retro choir textures and rhythms, all matching nicely together.

The use of the PPG Wave unmistakably makes you think of TD, while the sound of a piece like “Interphase” slightly wanders into Jarre territory. In addition, the beautifully matching sequencing on the sixth track “Synchronous” is also nicely done.

But for the biggest part, all tracks bear the distinct signatures and profound musical skills of Mr Koepper, of which I’m sure it will please all those who love the fat, classic soundings of 70’s electronic music.
No doubt “Sequentaria” will create a vibe of its own!


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