Jeffrey Koepper – Transmitter

Jeffrey Koepper - Transmitter

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Jeffrey Koepper – Transmitter
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2017

The nearly 60-minute “Transmitter” contains Jeffrey Koepper’s set played live at Chuck Van Zyl’s WXPN’s Star’s End Radio show in June 2016.

Using vintage analogues only, the result (featuring six new tracks along one track taken from the previous album “MantraSequent”) mixes percussive-driven stuff and pure ambient excursions wherein slight Teutonic-flavored Berlin School and classic space music merge. It comes along especially well on longer compositions such as the slow evolving yet immersive “Quasar” and “Darkness”. Next to these, the final track “Clouds” is a gentle soaring ambience of pure vintage textures complemented nicely by tender glistening sequencers in the second half.

Suffice to say to keep this one in mind if you fancy engaging retro electronics with poly-rhythmic sequential melodies spreading a hypnotizing, warm realm.


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