Jerome Froese – Precooked Munchies

Jerome Froese - Precooked Munchies

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Jerome Froese – Precooked Munchies
EP, Moonpop, 2007

“Precooked Munchies” is a limited edition Ep containing 34 minutes/five tracks of music.

The first two tracks are taken from his forthcoming second album “Shiver me Timbres”, and like on “Neptunes” the overall sound is mainly based on guitars.

Well, the outcome really makes me look forward to the complete album. A Mellow Morning” and “Mrs Misty Kiss” are both strong instrumentals of progressive electronics fusing some nice guitar with synth pads & rhythms. They clear show Jerome’s trademark of great bass lines and some TD-kindred drums.
Next come two unreleased tracks, of which “Sea Miles” certainly is the strongest with excellent sampling and synth spectacular.
The disc closes with a weaker live-version of “Lamb with Radar Eyes” as we know it from TD’s live albums.

The first two tracks are a great taster of something very good coming up, or I must be very much mistaken…


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