Jerome Froese – Preventive Medicine

Jerome Froese - Preventive Medicine

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Jerome Froese –Preventive Medicine
EP, Moonpop, 2010

“Preventive Medicine” is a 4-track EP which is meant to be a follow-up to the 2007 release “Precooked Munchies”.

The opening piece “Inner Canon Of The Yellow Emperor” (Stimulant), which has a strong progrock feel, is taken from Jerome’s forthcoming third studio album “Far Side Of The Face” (on which Johannes Schmoelling will join Jerome on two tracks). At first glance, the instrumental music continues in the typical guitartronica style we got to know from Jerome since he started releasing his own music.

In addition, there’s a distinct sense of humour found in the opening sentences of each track. I especially like the strong third track “Delusions of Lunacy”, in which the straight-forward TD flavour can’t be missed. The rock-feel also applies to the last track “Stiff Dose”, in which a good portion of heavy guitar is thrown in.

The factory-pressed, 21-minute “Preventive Medicine” is a release limited to 500 copies.


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