Jerome Froese – Shiver me Timbers

Jerome Froese - Shiver me Timbers

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Jerome Froese – Shiver me Timbers
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2009

October 29, 2007 finally saw the release of Jerome Froese’s cd “Shiver me Timbers”.
It’s his second full-length album, on which he sonically further detaches himself from the TD-sound. His Ep “Precooked Munchies” already contained two tracks taken of the new album.

On “Shiver me Timbers”, Jerome presents 73 minutes of progressive electronics which is more guitar-based than before, with some rocky moments as well.
Of all pieces, I especially like the atmospheric track “Airborne”, a moody sonic excursion with an unhurried touch. Sadly enough, I didn’t find any other track of that same kind on the album, which overall features a large variety of electronic timbres, and on which Jerome’s long time partner Anja played some additional guitars and bass as well.

This mixed bag of tracks of spheric guitar walls and arpeggios holds quite some distorted and disturbing moments and more, which won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.
So think twice if you expect a continuation of what was featured on “Neptunes”.


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