Jerome Froese – The Speed of Snow …

Jerome Froese - The Speed of Snow ...

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Jerome Froese – The Speed of Snow …
EP, Ricochet Dream, 2009

June 2nd will see the release of the limited edition Ep (1000 copies) “The Speed of Snow” by Jerome Froese, who plays guitars, guitar effects, bass guitar and programming.

The recording contains three tracks of six minutes each, starting with the twinkling, atmospheric tones of the title track, which evolves into a moody, transparent sounding and light piece of guitar-based electronica with rhythmic elements.
Next is “A Cold Spell in Spring”, a lofty piece with gentle guitar playing, which slowly starts going as the distorted solo kicks in.
The closing track “Summer Light Fantastic” offers some great sequencing and swirling sounds, creating a happy atmosphere.

Although giving the impression as a bit of side project, it remains interesting to keep an eye on what this fellow keeps on doing these days.


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