Jessica Saves – Travelling without Moving

Jessica Saves - Travelling without Moving

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Jessica Saves  – Travelling without moving

Digital Download, Seven Village Voyage, 2020

Ok, let’s turn to some more easy-going electronics. “Travelling without Moving” is the debut release of Jessica Saves, a project by Barcelona-based DJ and producers Steve Ferrand and Bradley Telleria (aka Tres Manos). The chill-out and lounge-oriented outcome , kicking off with the nice ethereal “Translunar”, invites listeners to take a long and intense walk through a futuristic, dreamy sonic landscape where the minimal, ambient, and drone shake hands. The moods found on each of the 10 emotive-synthetic pieces are mellow, timeless and unhurried. Its minimal-shapes, slow-evolving sound design with occasional voice bits on the side works rather hypnotizing. All in all, this recording does well as sonic slumber in the background.




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