Jim Ottaway – Deep Space Blue

Jim Ottaway - Deep Space Blue

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Jim Ottaway – Deep Space Blue
CD, Private Release, 2017

As far as I’m familiar with his catalogue, “Deep Space Music” is the first true cosmic release with lots of freeform soundscapes from Australian synthesist Jim Ottaway.

Opener “Astral Voices” takes off with smooth ethereal textures, the following tracks propelling the listener into weightless expanse and toward the outer reaches of deep space with rather non-melodic synth pads. The flowing outcome would definitely benefit from more content and direction as it now remains rather superficial to my taste. The title track is a bit more spiced with a groovy pulse in the background while the final track “Interplanetary Planspermia” dives into and journeys through dense clouds of mystery but still fails to fascinate.

The recording’s atmosphere and used sounds simply don’t grab nor convince me that much as a long time space music aficionado. I’d say you check it out the music first before a definite purchase.

Website: www.jimottaway.com

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