Jim Ottaway – Southern Cross

Jim Ottaway - Southern Cross

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Jim Ottaway – Southern Cross
CD, Private Release, 2016

Jim Ottaway is a composer, producer and studio performer residing at the Gold Coast hinterland of Queensland, Australia who has have released 23 independent albums in his homeland.

The concept album “Southern Cross”, his ninth international release, is a work containing six lengthy compositions of cosmic ambient music made between May 2013 and February 2016. From the start one enters a harmonic and soft breathing space of flowing textural farscapes inspired by the constellation of Crux which features the Southern Cross. From the third track on, some mysticism starts to penetrate the drifting soundscapes that remain tranquil, freeform and imaginative while softening and turning even dreamier on the last two compositions.

“Southern Cross” is interesting space music from Down Under which I feel could be even deeper and more spaced-out (but maybe I’m a bit spoiled by the quality works of Hollan Holmes, Havdis, Altus or Serrie).

Website: www.jimottaway.com

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