Jim Ottaway – Timeless e-Motion

Jim Ottaway - Timeless e-Motion

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Jim Ottaway – Timeless e-Motion
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2009

The title of this album wants to reflect the ‘almost’ endless motion of life along some of the emotions that we experience as we go through life’s journey. As such, Down Under-based composer Mr Ottaway came up with a quite energizing, rhythmic-oriented but not too busy outcome featuring various sub-genres of electronic music including electronic rock, Berlin School and ambient.

The 12 accessible pieces, of which “Sequence of Life” and “Evolutionary Phase” have quite a Robert Schroeder vibe to it, will please those fond of mellow-melodic and groovy EM, incorporating elements from the general-melodic electronics from the British Isles and Germany. An exception though is “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” turning out bare, too synthetic and (compared to the other tracks) sounding too much out of the box. The final track “Cosmic Shift” is also different but nice as it features pure, rather ethereal ambient textures in the style of Jim’s previous album “Southern Cross”.

Website: www.jimottaway.com

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