Johan Agebjörn – Mossebo

Johan Agebjörn - Mossebo

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Johan Agebjörn – Mossebo
CD, LotusPike, 2008

The album title “Mossebo” is named after the house where the actual music was composed and recorded. Composed and played by Swedish electronica producer Johan Agebjörn, it marks his ambient debut, as Johan seems to best know as the creative mind behind a dance project called Sally Shapiro.

“Mossebo” contains a selection of 11 nicely rendered tracks composed between 2004 and 2007, and one older piece from 1996. The music breaths the same pleasant arctic atmosphere and desolate feeling that also graces the music of Erik Wollo or Biosphere.

This is especially evoked by the stunning wordless vocals of Lisa Barra which accompany the rich ambient sound world tapestries with gentle electro beats, in which organic and melancholic undercurrents swirl just beneath the surface as the cinematic journey unfolds.

E.g., the 3-minute “Shoreline” is beautiful in its simplicity, while other tracks (especially in the first half of the album) shine by means of the perfectly matching and close interactions of intimate textures, slowly paced beats and vocal pads.
The two-part “Siberian Train” at the end of the album is a bit rougher, adding a surprising, almost mind dazzling edge when compared to the other music.

But overall, “Mossebo” offers expansive, very well mixed, produced and mastered ambient music that is a remarkable journey of its own.


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