Johan Agebjörn – Notes

Johan Agebjörn - Notes

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Johan Agebjörn – Notes
LP/CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Paper Bag Records, 2015

Those who know the previous music of Johan Agebjörn (Swedish songwriter and producer of Sally Shapiro) will hear a different sound on “Notes”.

The almost drumless 47-minute album, that heavily features the Casio MT-52 electric piano along other sounds, opens with the joyful and melodic “The Right to Play”. It’s the start of a sonic journey with contemporary classical shades and electronics, always infused with minimalist elements and cinematic flavors with some melancholic currents running underneath and sideways. Besides instrumental pieces, there are also a few ones with tasty vocals, such as the mellow/atmospheric, soft shimmering “You passed through”. It’s a very nicely molded intimate song with a certain optimistic edge hard to pinpoint.

The chill-out ambient tracks “Careful” ,“Will they Forgive Us” and “Alpha Beta Gamma”, following next come forward very moody and tasteful, the latter incorporating beats and rhythms to give the outcome a pleasant, energetic drive. “It was never a challenge to love you” though doesn’t work for me, sounding cheapish to my ears. This is forgotten swiftly with the delightful “On Golden Wings I fly”, where melancholic waves and optimism merge without effort.


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