Johan Tronestam – Far Away

Johan Tronestam - Far Away


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Johan Tronestam – Far Away

Danish composer Johan Tronestam played earlier in various music groups, but has for a long time concentrated on writing instrumental synth music. Created between 2011 and 2012 on the Åland Islands, an island in the Baltic Sea, the concept album “Far Away” (subtitled: a musical voyage beyond time and space) is a rather personal album that’s partly inspired by Arthur C. Clarke’s 2010 and the idea of how extraterrestrial super-intelligence is traveling at the speed of thought.

The music on the twelve tracks is very tasty and features lots of most attractive (and rather groovy) sequences along poetic and evocative melodic/solo lines. One can sure detect echoes from Tangerine Dream, Jarre and Kraftwerk in Johan’s lush and spacious sound design while we cross celestial distances in the great outdoors of the universe.
I for one very much like the warm impact of the sounds throughout next to the introspective grandness, positive vibe and grace implemented in Tronestam’s music.

Among the well-composed, produced and mastered tracks, the pieces “Exoplanet” and “Artificial star traveler” are the real pieces of work in my opinion, comprising all vibrant sonic elements is a great fashion.
Mission very well accomplished, Mr Tronestam!



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