Johan Tronestam – Roots and Legends from the North

Johan Tronestam - Roots and Legends from the North

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Johan Tronestam – Roots and Legends from the North
CD, TeamQuasar, 2013

During the creation of the album “Roots and Legends from the North”, composer Johan Tronestam ended up in what he refers to as quite a turbulent journey with both joy and doubt, sometimes feeling afraid of getting lost in something he did not master.

Due to the many hardships and hard labor, the 66-minute concept album (inspired by ancient history, mankind’s incredible ability to master their environment and survival) has turned out just fine in my opinion.

Not only has Mr Tronestam succeeded successfully in the integration of some folk tones and a sense of mystery in his music, he (again) has come up with ten catchy and accessible instrumentals that will appeal to many ears. Once more I’m touched by a lovely blend of warm sounds and encompassing atmospheres, complimented by tasty sequencer patterns and some vocal/chant samples. Most memorable for me are the title track, a great album kick-off , “Traces of a Forgotten Time” and “Dominate”. One either can’t miss the classic Jarre-esque elements occasionally flying by in the contemporary, fresh music, nicely topped by solo voices.

All in all, the merge of past and present times, cultures and believes on “Roots and Legends from the North” make an interesting and pleasant listen.



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