Johan Tronestam – Somewhere far away

Johan Tronestam - Somewhere far away


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Johan Tronestam – Somewhere far away
CD/Digital Download, Groove Unlimited, 2024

All music I know of Johan Tronestam is very warm, atmospheric, and well thought-out, making it appeal to a wide public. The 77 minutes of music -spread out over 8 tracks- making up “Somewhere far away” displays another fine selection of this Scandinavian talent, again offering music that triggers the listener’s imagination, inviting them to journey into new worlds and dimensions as the music shines its magic.

Well, putting that in practice proves no hard task as the set of smooth melodic synth pads, gentle sequences, and an occasional solo voice all fit together like a glove, airing a lovely positive vibe all the way through. It’s more than clear to me Mr. Tronestam once again put a lot of energy, time, and soul into achieving this wonderful, feel-good, high-quality outcome. Hats off to you, Johan!


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