Johannes Schmoelling – A Thousand Times part 2

Johannes Schmoelling - A Thousand Times part 2

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Johannes Schmoelling – A Thousand Times part 2
CD, Viktoriapark, 2016

Six years after its initial release, Johannes Schmoelling (joined by Jonas Behrens on a few tracks) brings us a second batch offering a mix of styles but staying true to his distinct yet evocative signature sound.

Once again, piano and warm textures play an important role in the transparent and excellent sounding outcome. Johannes typical solos surface a couple of times but the outcome also proves less song and melody-oriented on several spots. “A New Morning” proves a strong and emotive piece while Mr Behrens gives his best on the rhythmic-spiced, slightly melancholic-flavoured “A chat with my robot”.

The cinematic, darker shaded “Augmented Reality” even seems to blink back to the times of “The Rise of the Smooth Automaton” and the 1988-album “The Zoo of Tranquillity”. Thereafter, emotions and positive vibrations fly high on the gentle “The Onion Way” while more experiment, abstract and raw aural art make up the Behrens/Schmoelling track “March of the Thousand”. Closing piece “Amitié” though proves most touching and melodic again, simply giving the Schmoelling-sound wings again.

Although “A Thousand Times part 2” isn’t as strong, melodic-oriented and captivating as the 2010 album it also explores some new ways in composition and sound. The albums audio quality and engineering is top-notch.


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