Johannes Schmoelling – A Thousand Times

Johannes Schmoelling - A Thousand Times


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Johannes Schmoelling – A Thousand Times
CD, Viktoriapark Records, 2009

The first impression the music on “A Thousand Times” left on me is that it contains many beautiful TD references of the ‘80s.
This isn’t strange, as Johannes joined the band during the “Poland” tour and beyond. I think his contribution to the sound of the band was his keen use of fluidly played solo-voices next to strong, overall harmonic composition and imminent chordal progression.

Recorded between January to November 2009, “A Thousand Times” nicely follows up on Johannes’ previous release “Instant City”.
But this time the piano is more up-front next to his always gracious, encompassing synth pads, to which some great solo’s are thrown in as well.

Together they create great emotional and melodic atmospheres, expertly displayed on e.g. “Monochrome”, “Kiterunner”, “Stigma” and “Blueshift”, but also very heart-felt and intimate as heard on “Funeral Tears”. In addition, hints of “Le Parc” are clearly heard on the sweeping and joyful track “Abacus”.

To sum things up, on all levels “A Thousand Times” makes cool album containing many good old Tangerine Dream references.
Well done, Johannes !


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