Johannes Schmoelling & others – 20

Johannes Schmoelling & others – 20

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Johannes Schmoelling & others – 20
CD-EP, Viktoriapark Records, 2020

This is a celebratory release due to the 20th anniversary of Viktoria Park Records founded by Johannes Schmoelling in December 2000. The 30-minute Ep features four previously unreleased tracks where harmonic, melodic lines merge sophistically with delicate yet evocative sequences. There are two compositions Johannes made with his mastering engineer Jonas Behrens, one track with Kurt Ader and one with Lambert Ringlage. The captivating “Kaleidoscope” -done with Schmoelling’s trusted sound designer Ader- sure makes the highlight here.

Aside from representing the kind of quality electronic music Johannes and his label have stand for until now, “20” offers some sparkling and accessible synth music that will be loved much by all who (still) have a soft spot for TD’s early ‘80’s music.


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