Johannes Schmoelling & Robert Waters – Zeit ∞?

Johannes Schmoelling & Robert Waters - Zeit ∞?


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Johannes Schmoelling & Robert Waters – Zeit ∞?
CD/DVD, Viktoriapark Records, 2019

Here’s a very nice live document I’m sure a whole bunch of EM-fans across the globe have been waiting for: the full concert (and more) Johannes Schmoelling and Robert Waters performed in November 2018 in Oirschot before a sold-out room, the same venue where Groove’s E-Day and E-Day festivals are held.

Featuring a fine cross-section of Johannes music made from 1980-2018, “Zeit ∞?” takes off with a thrilling 10-minute version of the title track. Next are evocative as wel as loosely improvised editions of classic tracks like “White Eagle” or “Streethawk”, the classical study “The Electrified J.S” along cracking piano versions of “Kneeplay No. 9”and “The Anteater”.

The emotive tread is imminent thoughout the full recording, definitely shown by a glowing, intmate version of “Matjora is still alive” – contrasted nicely by livelier contemporary tracks like “Drop Anchor in the present time” and “Morning Walk”. The only track I’m doubtful about is the unreleased “The Crying Elephant” coming forward too loud (and as such working disruptive) as opener of the second disc.

Listening to “Zeit ∞?” is re-experiencing the ambience of the full performance as it happened in front of you (similar to what was captured on Loom’s great live album “Scored”). The second disc end with the non-concert bonus track “Kalypso” (released previously on the Schallwelle -Die Besten aus 10 Jahren compilation).

The additional dvd features the full two hour + concert in excellent visual quality as well as brief interview bits with Schmoelling and Waters combined with and referring to tracks from the performance (clocking over one hour altogether). In all aspects “Zeit ∞?” is a release I’d highly recommend.



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