Johannes Schmoelling – The Zoo of Tranquillity

Johannes Schmoelling - The Zoo of Tranquillity

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Johannes Schmoelling – The Zoo of Tranquillity
CD, Viktoriapark Records, 1988/2010

Until today, I always had quite some trouble enjoying Johannes second album “The Zoom of Tranquility”. The version reviewed here is the original 1988-tapes remastered of the original 2-track tapes which appeared on lp in 1988.

This cd doesn’t contain the two bonus tracks of the 1998 Erdenklang cd release, but is based on the original release on the Theta label.
Inspired by Paul Spooner’s Illustrated Book of Automata “Spooner’s Moving Animals or The Zoo of Tranquility”, Johannes was tempted to capture the magic of little absurd machines cheerfully spinning, lazily grinding or endlessly wiggling.

Well, the seven tracks on the album reveal a more abstract/experimental side of Mr Schmoelling. This especially applies to the track “The Wedding Cake”, while an assortment of effects and organic/mechanical is implemented in the sound spctrum of the other pieces.
For me, “The Rise of the Smooth Automaton” and “The Lawnmower” are the only tracks hailing back to the beautiful sounds of the impressive debut “Wuivend Riet”.

What Johannes refers to as “scenarios for the ears, given a certain depth, perspective, colouring and three-dimensional quality” are in fact fascinating electro-acoustic sonic sketches, but overall not that easy to enjoy.


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