John Broaddus – 4 at 18

John Broaddus - 4 at 18

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John Broaddus – 4 at 18
CD, Parnassusnump Records, 2003

I had the privilege to have been a demo-listener for this recording while it was in progress. The music then had some hard edges and coulduse some more depth, but now that the cd is released officially one can discern he did some further fine-tuning of the soundsculptures.

There still are traces of his wonderful previous album “Immersion” (released under the Laocoön-moniker, which John says he has left behind).
“4 at 18” features four extensive tracks of 18 minutes, the first in a series structured in part by time and structure.

Next to its overall meditative, introspective nature it contains slow morphing dronescapes with darker undercurrents and hints of minimal music. The track “Three” shows a few faint resemblances with the work of David Parsons.

All in all, this album will carry you away for 76 minutes and is recommended to fans of Brian Eno and Steve Roach.


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