John Broaddus – A Strange Mint

John Broaddus - A Strange Mint

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John Broaddus – A Strange Mint
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Parnassus Nump, 2011

The linear notes on “A Strange Mint” read as follows: “a title created by mucking about with some recordings of organic and man-made materials interacting; fashioning them into something yet undiscovered, a hybrid of the natural and the synthetic, minting a new sound and form in the process”.

Well, Mr Broaddus textural ambient drone music that fills this release is highly minimal and hypnotic, sketching a smooth pulsating longform sonic panorama with gritty elements. It’s a drift of heavily processed and tweaked sounds, immersing the listener in a strange rendering of things, but also an abstract world for the patient.
The 6-track album is available in various download formats at John’s bandcamp page.


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