John Christian – Glis Glis

John Christian - Glis Glis

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John Christian – Glis Glis
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2021

Those who cherish sequencer-driven electronics with an edge are at the right spot with John Christian’s “Glis Glis” (44’31’’). The 3-track recording mixes improvised soundscapes and effects with some thoughtful mechanical, pulsating, sometimes even smooth bouncy Berlin School sequencing. At a later stage, John decided to add some keyboard parts to the abstract sound creations and rather minimalist rhythms where the focus on timbre was key with sound parameters continually changing by manual tweaks and modulation.

This approach has led to some interesting psychedelic yet weird hooks on “Occam’s Razor” and the title piece while the 27-minute “Russell”s Teapot” has much more in common with the improvised work of his band AirSculpture (especially the warm solo sounds) though featuring various stark, weird edges popping up in the spatial, minimalist-moulded sound structures that are hard to define.

Give this album a shot if you like to try something Berlin School that appears not so straightforward.


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