John Christian – Susbarbatus

John Christian - Susbarbatus

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John Christian – Susbarbatus
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

John Christian is one of the members of the English band Air Sculpture. For “Susbarbatus”, he wanted to extend and further explore the ideas he had come up with on his cd-r “Bohunt”.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned, so the backbone of “Susbarbatus” became “a set of sequencer driven tracks, mixing moody atmospherics with expressive melodic lines”.
As a whole, I second John’s opinion they sound more structured compared the Airsculpture music, also in the way of “more well defined melodies”.

The nine minute title track starts out in Airsculpture-fashion with nice Berliner School sequencing & melodic lines that ask for more. A highly cinematic and slow approach is taken on the first half of “Los Ashes” (which actually could be a TD-track) before the music heads for a sequenced style.

The music of “Brane Storm” takes a sharp turn as is ventures into lovely deep space territory with its well-rendered free form textures and even some lovely mellotron pads. I wished this track had lasted a bit longer. But with “Forest Of Weaver’s Beams” were back to business in melodic Berliner School- style, which overall reminded me of Rolf Trostel’s album “The Prophet”.

“Mangrove” is a sequencer track with a bit of a dreary solo voice, recorded during Hampshire Jam festival in 2006 (John’s only solo concert to date). The closing track “Antiquark” flirts with TD’s “Love on Real Train” in its minimal, sequenced style, which according to John has more Steve Reich to it.

All in all,“Susbarbatus” makes a worthy addition for all who love retro sequencer electronics.
For now, there are no plans to make the album available as a download.


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