John Dyson – Darklight

John Dyson - Darklight


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John Dyson – Darklight
CD, Soddett Hall Music, 2009

After a big hiatus, John Dyson returns one more time to the EM-community to bring a final (?) album featuring his distinct, gracious and accessible style which comes as an overall retrospective and reflective sound document.

The ten tracks of “Darklight”, having some smashing space images from the Hubble Space Telescope on the cover, contains music that fans of his music can buy without hesitation.
The albums starts out atmospheric and freeform with “Leaving the Pod”, a nice float in the cosmos surrounding us, followed by the retrospective and quiet “Perhaps” with its nice lingering guitar playing and synths pads.

The almost 10-minute “Another Moon” is another moody, flowing track with more pronounced e-guitar solos layered over synths chords in the first part, where after the track slowly sets in motion. The reflective mood continues on the melancholic sounding “Blessings”, featuring warm and gracious synth textures wandering along. “Kintyre to Skye” starts out with smooth sounds of bagpipes before being slowly set in motion, ending up as musical celebration of (living at ease in) the Highlands. Simply beautiful and emotionally very moving!

Delicate and later fluid piano by Jack Judson starts the spacy “Zephyrs and Eddies”, to which warm textures are added. “Retro 82” is a classic more rhythmic Dyson track with a typical bass sequence and some nice, more upfront melodic lines.
Mellow moodiness returns on “Showers”, featuring John’s characteristic solo. The two minute symphonic soundscapes of “Heights” are a short interlude to the 10-minute title track, rounding out the album. A female voice cites the poetry printed in the booklet but after four minutes, the track gets in motion with light sequencing and engaging soloing.

All in all, “Darklight” is an absolute must-have. I’m eagerly looking forward seeing him play this and other stuff live at E-Day 2009.
High-five, John!



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