John Ellis – Wabi-Sabi 21©

John Ellis - Wabi-Sabi 21©

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John Ellis – Wabi-Sabi 21©
CD-R, Chanoyu Records, 2009

John Ellis is an English guitarist who played in various punk rock bands such as the Vibrators and The Stranglers, but he als has worked with Peter Gabriel and Peter Hamill.

John recently started his own record label Chanoyu Records, which explores the meeting points of guitar and electronic music.
“Wabi Sabi 21©”, the first part of a trilogy of electronic instrumentals inspired by Chanoyu, the Japanese Tea Ceremony and other aspects of Japanese culture, is the debut release on it.

As could be expected, the quiet outcome has a very meditative and spiritual feel, offering the listener a pastoral ambience which breaths a distinct Far Eastern mood.
It’s a mix of subtle rhythmic elements, ethereal sound pads and sonic pulses move forward in slow progression, but as track after track flowed I never had a feeling its content really grabbed me.

The music is available as downloads from Amazon and iTunes, and as cd-r.



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