John Foxx & Harold Budd – Translucence & Drift Music

John Foxx & Harold Budd - Translucence & Drift Music


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John Foxx & Harold Budd – Translucence & Drift Music
CD, Edsel Records/Metamatic Records, 2003

Ambient fans who love to listen to delicate, introspective music should make sure to find a copy of this brand-new delicacy.
Packaged in a beautiful designed double gatefold digipak, Foxx and Budd present “Translucence + Drift Music”, a double-cd with 47 and 50 minutes of soft breezing music that tickles & moves the senses in many ways.

On the first disc, “Translucence”, the piano takes key position, and before you know it you seem to re-enter the world of the engaging album “The Pearl”, a stunning album Eno and Budd recorded years ago.
The soft-sustaining sounds seem to linger on and on in every single track, leaving the listener in total amazement.

Putting on the second cd, “Drift Music”, the warm waves of synthesizers fill the sound spectrum with only occasionally some piano-keys.
Of the 15 tracks, the fourth track “Stepping Sideways” especially touched me: its floating, heavenly content is nicely accompanied by a distinct but powerful undercurrent.

When you love to listen to e.g. Ruben Garcia, James Johnson or Darshan Ambient, this cd will certainly compliment your collection.

All in all, John Foxx & Harold Budd have done an excellent job by delivering an album that cleans your head in one way, making you feeling comfortable in many others.

P.S. In 2011, a re-release of the album was put out which included the John Foxx, Harold Budd and Ruben Garcia collaboration “Nighthawks”. This piano-led minimal ambient work features heavily atmospheric tracks addressing darker shaded, comforting, melancholic and desolate moodscapes matching perfectly with the outcome of the other two recordings.



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