John Kerr & Ron Boots – Juxtaposition

John Kerr & Ron Boots - Juxtaposition

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John Kerr & Ron Boots – Juxtaposition
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2015

“Juxtaposition” is the long-awaited follow-up to the duos most successful release “Offshore Islands”, a landmark made 25 years earlier. The highly accessible, neo-classical/symphonic and occasional even romantic flavours from back then are key-references on the new 79-minute album, which kicks off with the 30-minute title piece. Here the far-away echoes of the original album already shine through in all honesty and in a most sensitive manner as Mr Kerr plays gentle piano chords to which Ron adds various emotive electronics.

Emotions fly even higher on the tender “There’s magic all around us”, a bit later shifting into motion on “Asymmetry”. “Sentimental Values…”, where Ron and John are joined by Synthex and John Dyson, makes a dynamic, captivating and versatile sonic exercise with several breaks where lots of things happen in the sound design. It’s an exciting track perfect for a live setting. After that, the musical approach of Ron Boots is most present on the melodic/up-tempo piece “And the Room…” where all elements move onward in higher gear. Melancholy creeps on “The Final Juxtaposition”, where organ sounds and mellow/celestial pads blend harmonically, meanwhile nicely echoing the classic “Oceans of Emotions” through its leaves.

All in all, the general-melodic “Juxtaposition” makes a solid and satisfactory addition to its predecessor, staying close to the original mood and a sense of joie de vivre.


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