John Kerr & Ron Boots – Offshore Islands

John Kerr & Ron Boots - Offshore Islands

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John Kerr & Ron Boots – Offshore Islands
CD, Synteam/New World Artists Music / Groove Unlimited, 1990/1998

“Offshore Islands” is a classic album released on Synteam/New World Artists Music in August 1990.

On this concept cd, the classic/symphonic oriented style of John Kerr melts with the warm, more cosmic kindred sound textures of Ron Boots.
The outcome is an accessible blend of music, which takes off nicely with the 15 minute cinematic soundings of “Exploration” and the title track.

But there are also some melancholic motives as e.g. heard on “See you at Christmas” or “Miss You”.
The more rhythmic oriented, heart-felt “Oceans of Emotions” is another highlight next to the dreamy textures of “And Time Stood Still”.

The album closes with the two-part “For those in Peril on the Sea”, which features the great soprano Thea van der Putten, which was recorded in a professional studio.

Ron and John presented “Offshore Islands” live on the March 30th, 1991 at Zaal Unitas to an audience of around 350 people. Later that year, the album was voted second best in the German Schwingungen-Wahl.

Note: The album was remastered and re-released on Groove Unlimited in 1998 with a slightly different cover, as the original lithos were unusable.


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