John Lakveet – Epikus

John Lakveet - Epikus

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John Lakveet – Epikus
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2003

The Spanish musician John Lakveet is one of the members of the band At-Moos, who decided to pursue a solo career like his band companion musician Dom F. Scab.

“Epikus” is Lakveet’s debut cd on the Dutch label Groove Unlimited, and is a beautiful example of Berliner School inspired electronic music in which great sequencers form the red line.

The 66-minute album kicks off with three nice, up-tempo tracks all lasting around 10 minutes, followed by eight shorter ones.
Mr Lakveet also proves he can compose well executed ambient/atmospheric excursions, as heard on “Initiamenta” (which has a certain TD-flavour) and the closing piece “Vastitas”.

This is a worthy album for all who love vintage-oriented music. The mastering of the cd was in the capable hand of Ron Boots.


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