John Lyell – Dimensions

John Lyell - Dimensions

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John Lyell – Dimensions
CD, Private Release, 2006

The music on “Dimensions” is one about the stillness of outer space and its mysteries.
Being an musician since 1984, John Lyell formerly made two others space music albums (“Wormholes” in 1998 and “Synthetic Universe” in 2002) with companion Brent A. Reiland.

This is his first solo-trip offering 55 minutes of freeform, and rather light soundscape music. The first two tracks feature a rather cyclic sound structure, but on “Red Shift” the light textures hover above a monotone sequence. “Transport” is a piece of pure flow visualizing the stillness of “being out there”, which also goes for the nice lingering soundscapes of “Dreamspace Return”.
Going through the other tracks, the nicely produced music (by the capable hands of Robert Rich) seems a bit sparse here and there.
Happily enough, towards the end of the album the music improves again. Especially the closing track “Twilight Passing” is a strong piece of mature, in-depth ambient/space.


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