John Lyell – Planetary Artifacts

John Lyell - Planetary Artifacts

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John Lyell – Planetary Artifacts
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2017

Although just started, the year 2017 has already seen a few space music releases.

With his fourth album “Planetary Artifacts”, mastered by Robert Rich, John Lyell presents his listeners nine atmospheric soundscape pieces that dwell in freeform along sequenced and gentle pulsating cosmic territory for 53-minutes. Mystery, alienation and glimpses of darkness shimmer softly on each of the tracks while a deeper level of outer space environs is featured on “Red Shift 2”, “Echoes of Distant Past” and the title track, all found in the middle of the recording. Toward the end, a few abstract-oriented hooks enter the soaring, slightly drony drift, most notably on “Another World”.

Although not always that easy and accessible, “Planetary Artifacts” continues to cruise the cosmic expanse with its own voice in search for alternate and secluded realities.


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