John Lyell – Reflection of Time

John Lyell - Reflection of Time

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John Lyell – Reflection of Time
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

The fact that Minneapolis-based composer John Lyell has decided to devote more time to write and record ambient music has led to a rather quick follow-up to his fine 2012-album “Eternity”.

“Reflection of Time”, his third solo-release to date, is another nicely rendered album of cosmic space music, blending atmospheric and textural spaces with soft pulsating elements in a harmonic fashion. Again, the composer shows he has had a good ear for detail, as he displays a 59-minute soft glowing canvas of with drifting soundscapes with slight unpolished edges.

Its intrinsic nature is emphasized by Robert Rich, who again was in charge of the album mastering. The eight tracks unfold and go by rather elegantly but not too soft, creating a tranquil sphere overall that invites the listener to make up his own set of images while galactic winds show up and disappear. In my opinion, the best galactic vistas and sense of wonder though are best displayed and expressed on the 7-minute title track and the closing piece “Crossing the Barrier”.

As a whole, the at times dreamy “Reflection of Time” opens up its own space of otherworldliness while it expands on the road pursued on “Eternity”.


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