John Sobocan – A Soft Circle

John Sobocan - A Soft Circle

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John Sobocan – A Soft Circle
CD, DataBloem, 2012

When talking about secluded, Eno-esque ambient soundscapes, John Sobocan’s “A Soft Circle” fits that description very well. The quiet and gently blended textural musings encountered on all 12 tracks by this Toronto-based composer (who also goes by the the moniker Bubble) enter an overall minimal and contemplative underworld while unfolding in a most graciously and tender manner.

In addition, there’s an organic and a mystical touch to the outcome which deepens the mesmerizing listening experience. In that respect, “Leaves on a Forest Floor” is a highlight. It’s also forms the entrance to the next level of aural immersion taking place on the tracks thereafter, where the impact of smooth resonating, meticulously tweeked drone tapestries fully comes to bloom.

The only thing that doesn’t work for me is the psychedelic, rather destracting flavor surfacing on “Secret Giants”. This leaves 65 minutes of hypnotizing, freeform ambience to unwind a busy mind or restless soul in a most natural way.



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