John Vorus – Transmuting Currents

John Vorus - Transmuting Currents


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John Vorus – Transmuting Currents
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ambient Distillery, 2006

The primary influence on Jon Vorus’ “Transmuting Currents” was the element of water, and how existing in environments in and around water has a subtle but powerful effect on the state of consciousness. While shaping and molding the album’s music in a later stage, ambient master Steve Roach got involved in the mixing and mastering process as it was important getting the subtler aspects to translate properly.

Well, the electro-acoustic and organic-infused atmosphere evoked from the start of “Transmuting Currents” is rather similar to the ones encountered on “Body Electric” by Steve Roach/Vir Unis, but much more tranquil. The continuous “psychoactive ambient for transpersonal experiences” features a lovely rise and fall of energy levels and spiraling currents of mystery while incorporating a pleasant, lush tribal feel along the way.

The second half of “Transmuting Currents” features portions of didgeridoo and spacious, fractal-groove angled textural creations journeying smoothly through liquefied, surreal and primordial landscapes. It’s here the sonic musings centered on stillness, underwater microbes and sea life really start to breathe softly and submerge even further to hypnotizing effect.

These quality ambient creations are great to listen to with a good pair of headphones. Also consider “Transmuting Currents” as a self contained vehicle for altered states of consciousness and meditation enhancement.



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