Jon Jenkins & Paul Laekey – Continuum

Jon Jenkins & Paul Lackey - Continuum

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Jon Jenkins & Paul Laekey – Continuum
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 1995

“Continuum”, the only album to date by Jon Jenkins and Paul Leakey, comes in a stunningly beautiful fantasy cd-cover. Shortly after its release, Dream’s Word magazine called it “the perfect marriage of classical, ambient, and world music that defies classification”.

Well, the 55 minutes of highly visual and melodic music on this album is one radiating a great sense of wonder and adventure as it unfolds its enchanting content in an enthralling symphonic, orchestral style.
Lots of strings pads, bass patterns and driving percussion that kick in at the rights spots, although there’s also room for more quiet, atmospheric musings.

Although one can hear the music has certain characteristics of other instrumental music release on the same label, there’s enough originality found here as well, sometimes even a slight touch of Richard Burmer.
This said, I agree on the duo’s description of the outcome as to draw on the very themes of life itself in this sonic journey through time, space, and the mind.

All in all, this well produced music can be a portal to step into another imaginary world, offering a nice balance between space and power.
Nice going, guys!


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