Jon Mark – A Sunday in Autumn

Jon Mark - A Sunday in Autumn  


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Jon Mark – A Sunday in Autumn
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, White Cloud Records, 1995

I had lost the thread of releases from this New Zealand-based artist after “Alhambra”. It turns out that after this, Jon founded his own label White Cloud Records, which has featured a slew of his own new releases and those of other musicians.

With this (already fifth) solo album, Jon translates his personal experiences of a trip to New England, where his compositions still contain that familiar restraint and sensitivity of the earlier Fortuna/Kuckuck discs. Still, I experience this recording as a lesser one because of some of the jazzy trumpet sounds Jon uses in several tracks.  Nonetheless, Jon’s well-known intimate atmosphere is available throughout the album, as heard in the tender “Thinking of You” among others.

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